Thinking About Switching to Natural Gas?

Thinking About Switching to Natural Gas? Fuhgeddaboudit!

A large Daniels Energy propanel gas tank sitting in a field.
No, seriously. Forget it. You need to consider propane – specifically, propane from Daniels Energy.
First, propane is clean. It produces virtually no greenhouse gases (GHG)*. Natural gas produces carbon dioxide when it burns and methane when it leaks.
Second, propane produces twice the energy of natural gas* and has the lowest carbon content of any fossil fuel.
Third, propane appliances like water heaters, stovetops and fireplaces heat up 40% faster than their electric counterparts and much of that electricity is produced by burning coal or natural gas, adding more GHG.
Fourth, there’s always a fourth. Daniels Propane is clean, green and produced in America and now Daniels has added 60,000 gallons of storage in our new Old Saybrook facility.
For nearly 100 years Daniels Energy has been meeting the home heating needs of our customers throughout Central Connecticut. Today we do it with cleaner fuel oil and clean, green propane. We’d like to provide it to you.
And another thing

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