The Magic Man

A snow covered street in a residential neighborhood transformed by The Magic Man.


Picture a brutally cold January night.

Add a howling wind and a snow squall that’s adding ice and snow by the minute. And you’re 85 years old and your house is freezing.

That’s exactly when one of our customers called. An intricate gas furnace – a relatively new one – was on the blink and the house was now 60 degrees and falling fast.

Oh, and it was a Saturday night at 9 pm.


Calling Bob, The Daniels HVAC Technician

Enter Bob Bonaiuto one of the most experienced and professional technicians in the Daniels family. He received the call from one of our other techs who had tried – for more than an hour – to get the furnace to kick-on to no avail.

A white van with the words daniel's energy on it, driven by The Magic Man.


10:30 pm Bob solves the problem

Bob arrived around 10:30 pm and within an hour had diagnosed the problem, installed a make-shift solution and gotten the furnace started much to the relief of our customer, who bequeathed Bob’s new nickname:  Mr. Magic.

And then the furnace stopped working. Again. Two more hours of trial and error and trial and trial and then, at a few minutes after 1 am, the magic kicked in again and Bob had the furnace repaired for good. A few hours later he received a text from the homeowner that said, “thanks Bob, I’m snug as a bug in a rug.” He was, indeed, Mr. Magic.

And this is just one of the hundreds of times Bob, and his fellow techs, have used their experience and expertise to solve our customers' problems.