Purchase a Qualifying Bosch Heat Pump System

Get $1,000 Visa Gift Card*

Plus, Rebates & Tax Credits of up to $4,000!

Perfect Summer A/C & Great Augmented Winter Heating

  • Quality German Engineering
  • Incredibly Energy Efficient
  • Adjusts Compressor Operating Speeds
  • 2-state 13ECM Blower for Better Humidity Control
  • Wicked Quiet (as low as 56 dBA)
  • 10 Year Warranty

*Must purchase a qualifying Bosch Heat Pump System, BOVB 18 Seer heat pump, BOVB20

Seer connected heat pump, BVA 18 and 20 Seer air handler models by July 30, 2023,to receive gift card. No exceptions. Both 36K and 60K condensers qualify. Customer will receive Visa gift card(s) in the total amount of $1,000 at completion of installation and payment for project has been processed. Federal, Eversource and State rebates and tax credits dependent upon minimum size restriction and SEER ratings apply and other factors. See Daniels Energy representative for complete details. Daniels Energy CT license

S1-385517 HOD#19/Daniels Propane LLC #846 CT license S1-302857.