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Propane provides safe, smart energy for heat, hot water, cooking, pool heaters, dryers, generators & more…
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Propane is a versatile fuel that can power every aspect of your life, whether you're at home, in the yard, or on the go.

Propane Heating

Our propane heating service provides a reliable and efficient solution for warming your home or business using clean-burning propane fuel.

Propane Hot Water

Propane-powered hot water systems deliver fast and consistent hot water, making them an energy-efficient choice for homeowners.

Propane Fireplaces

Propane fireplaces offer the cozy ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace with the convenience of easy ignition and low maintenance.

Propane Tanks

Daniels Energy provides an exceptional selection of propane tanks and cylinders, available in all sizes to perfectly accommodate the propane needs of your home or business

Propane Safety

Our commitment to propane safety ensures that homeowners can confidently use propane as a clean and efficient energy source, with the assurance of stringent safety protocols and expert guidance for secure operation.

Residential Propane

Safe, smart energy for heat, hot water, cooking, pool heaters, dryers, generators & more.

Commercial Propane

Daniels Energy is a trusted provider of commercial propane services, offering reliable and efficient energy solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, we deliver high-quality propane for various commercial applications.

Industrial Propane

Daniels Propane provides dependable industrial propane service.
Serving commercial and industrial users throughout Central and Shoreline Connecticut.

Propane Pricing and Payments

Learn about our Gas Guard Price Protection plan

Propane Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please get people and pets out of your home and dial 911 from your cell phone or a neighbor's phone. Let the emergency personnel know that you smell gas. Then call Daniels Propane to get the system checked for leaks. Gas leaks are rare, but need to be handled correctly and checked by a professional gas technician.

No not at all. There are two scenarios. The first is your current propane company owns the tanks that serve your home. We will notify the other provider and let them know what day we are disconnecting their tanks and installing a Daniels Propane tank. This way they can pick up their tank shortly after the Daniels propane tank is installed. The other scenario is you own your own propane tank. Before delivering propane under either one of these scenarios, Daniels will do a full gas leak safety check and make sure everything is within code. Upon approval of the safety check, Daniels will fill your propane tank.

Yes, if our regular customers need an emergency delivery, that can be arranged with our office, or after hours call center.

That varies on the size of the propane tank and the use of the propane.

Yes, however, we request 2-3 business days for will call propane deliveries. For low volume users like cooking and generator accounts, we recommend filling the tanks in April, and/or October.

Do they have their own propane storage facility, and how large is their storage capacity.

Do they offer HVAC service and service the propane appliances in your home.

Do they regularly perform gas leak checks?

Yes, Daniels adds a moisture absorber to their bulk propane storage, so that when the temperatures drop, the moisture in the propane is less apt to freeze up regulators and gas components in your heating appliances.

Yes, by all means, we are located in Portland, Cromwell, and Essex Connecticut.

We are family owned and operated and not only more competitively priced than the big players, but also offer prompt, local, professional service.

We service and repair propane appliances, and propane powered HVAC systems with our in-house service department.