Since 1926, the Daniels family has provided families like yours with power fuels and great customer service. As our communities have grown and home heating technologies have changed, we have kept up with the times. Only commitment to our customers has not changed.

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Heating oil has been our specialty since the 1930s. We also provide full heating and air conditioning services.

That includes installation & servicing of HVAC systems, tanks, furnaces, boilers and hot water heaters. Our Fuel Oil costs less than the state average for Connecticut. We also install and service Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Heat Pump & A/C Systems.

Call us today for courteous and ethical service. Our Delivery Plans and Service Plans are competitive, providing full service to meet your budget and home comfort needs.

Welcome to Daniels Energy – Your Trusted Home Heating Oil Provider

At Daniels Energy, we understand that keeping your home warm and comfortable is your top priority. That's why we have been dedicated to delivering reliable and high-quality heating oil to homeowners across Central Connecticut and the Western Connecticut shoreline region for over three decades.

Why Choose Daniels Energy?

Local Expertise: As a family-operated business based right here in Connecticut, we are deeply familiar with the unique energy needs of our community. Our local presence not only means we’re nearby when you need us, but also that we're committed to providing personalized service that national providers simply can't match.

Reliable Deliveries: We know that a reliable supply of heating oil is critical during our cold winters. Our fleet of modern delivery trucks and expertly trained drivers ensure that your heating oil is delivered safely and on time, every time. Whether you're located in the bustling cities or the serene countryside, trust Daniels Energy to keep the heat on.

Flexible Pricing Plans: Heating costs can fluctuate, but with Daniels Energy's flexible pricing plans, managing your heating expenses is easier than ever. Choose from fixed, capped, or market price plans to find the option that best suits your budget and protects you against price spikes.

24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated team of customer service professionals is available around the clock to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Whether you need to schedule an emergency delivery or simply want advice on managing your energy usage, we’re here to help.

Our Services

  • Automatic Delivery Service: Enjoy peace of mind with our automatic delivery service, which uses advanced software to estimate your oil usage and schedule deliveries before you run low.
  • Online Ordering and Account Management: Easily manage your account online 24/7. Order heating oil, view your delivery history, and pay your bills with just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Beyond oil delivery, we offer comprehensive energy assessments and upgrades to make your home more energy-efficient. This not only reduces your environmental footprint but also saves you money on heating costs.
  • Community Commitment: At Daniels Energy, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve. We support various local charities and initiatives to help build a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

Get Started with Daniels Energy Today!

Join the Daniels Energy family and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable, affordable home heating solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your first delivery. Warmth, comfort, and superior customer service await you at Daniels Energy.

The New Concept in Clean Oil Energy

“Oil heat” used to be an old term. Not any more! Bio-heat is called the “Evolution of Oil Heating” , with GHG (Green House Gas) Emissions Ratings lower than natural gas. Bio-Heat fuel is heating oil blended with biodegradable organic materials such as soybean oil. It is one of the “hottest” things happening in home comfort.

Go Clean and Green. Learn More.

Connecticut is now one of 23 states where Bio-Heat is available and is available to many of our Shoreline customers. According to CEMA (Connecticut Energy Marketers Assoc.) “it is usually delivered by family owned businesses committed to the communities they serve”*. LEARN MORE ABOUT BIOHEAT…

Can Our Oil Company Be Environmentally Friendly?

We believe so.

We have children. And grandchildren. We know the challenges the world faces with climate change. We know the impact of burning fossil fuels. We know we all need to do something.

To that end, Daniels Energy has been doing its part by helping to reduce the impact of burning home heating oil and propane.

How? With the use of clean, green and renewable bio-fuels in Daniels fuel oil deliveries.

Bio-diesel is made from renewable plants and animal fats, soybean and canola oils, inedible corn oil, and waste cooking oil. Today as much as 20% of a delivery can consist of bio-diesel, which burns cleaner reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50 - 80% compared to petroleum diesel.

Daniels also uses bio-diesel in our delivery trucks to further reduce our own carbon footprint. Plus, Daniels has been providing environmentally friendly propane for more than four decades and has just increased our storage capacity with a new 60,000 gallon facility in Old Saybrook.

Connecticut will continue to rely on fuel oil to heat homes and businesses for years to come. We’re doing our part to mitigate its impact on our environment.