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Daniels Energy is proud to serve Branford. With our Centerbrook office and Deep River fuel storage facility, we offer our Shoreline customers responsive service and dedicated customer care.

Our customers are also our neighbors. David, Robert and Barry Daniels live in the Shoreline area, as do many Daniels Energy staffers.

Since 1926, the Daniels family has provided Connecticut homes and businesses with premier heating and cooling services. Whether you’re looking to install or repair HVAC systems, tanks, furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters, Daniels Energy is there for you. We can also convert from oil to propane or natural gas. We will even buy back your unused oil at fair market price. We are Connecticut’s leader in commercial heating and cooling solutions. You can depend on our ethical and courteous standards of customer service to make your home comfort affordable.

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New To Branford CT?

Here's a brief guide.

branford_profThe town's name is said to be derived from the town of Brentford, England. It was named as such before being changed to Branford. Established in 1644 as an outgrowth of Reverend John Davenport's New Haven Colony, Branford grew rapidly during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1852, the railroad nurtured new manufacturing businesses, including Branford Lockworks, Malleable Iron Fittings Company, and the Atlantic Wire Company. The Stony Creek granite quarries also rose to prominence as a direct consequence of railroad construction.

Late in the 18th century, the first shoreline community, Stony Creek, was settled. Indian Neck and Pine Orchardwere also settled, but neither of those settlements was permanent until the mid-19th century.

Thereafter, Branford became a popular resort area. Approximately twenty hotels opened, including Indian Point House in Stony Creek, Montowese House in Indian Neck, and Sheldon House in Pine Orchard. In more recent memory, Branford shed its resort image and subsequently took on many characteristics typically associated with northeastern suburbs. Centrally located on the Long Island Sound, it is easy to get to, and from, New York, Boston and Hartford.

The largest group of islands in Connecticut is Branford’s Thimble Islands. They take their name from the “thimbleberries”, or black raspberries, which once grew wild on them. An area called "Totoket", which became Branford, was part of the land bought from the Mattabesech Indians in 1638 by the first settlers of New Haven. The Dutch set up a trading post at the mouth of the Branford River in the 17th century, the source of the name "Dutch Wharf".

Since those times, the charming town has become a vibrant hub of commerce, recreation and community life, with six historic districts that are listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). These include buildings in Federal, Arts and Crafts, and Queen Anne styles of architecture.

Branford's recreational facilities include several town-maintained parks and beaches owned by private foundations, hiking trails along Lake Saltonstall and a stretch of the Shoreline Greenway Trail, and 20 miles (32 km) of coastline with more than 12 marinas. Several Daniels Energy employees, including Robert and David Daniels, live in the Shoreline area and fully support the region's conservation and preservation efforts.

In 1974, Connecticut Hospice was founded in Branford. It was the first hospice in the United States and set standards for palliative caregiving that are followed by healthcare providers throughout the world.