Gas Guard Price Protection Plan Terms & Conditions:

A minimum annual purchase of 500 gallons is required to be eligible for this plan.

Rev: 06272022

Propane Purchase:

A. Automatic Delivery; Fuel Purchase: You agree to purchase 100% of your fuel requirements from Daniels Propane, LLC on Automatic Delivery for the term of this plan; If automatic delivery is suspended, or there is evidence that the location is receiving fuel deliveries from another supplier, Daniels Propane, LLC may terminate this contract for breach of contract, and liquidated damages will be charged Per Term I.   Upon expiration of this plan, the account will remain active and will NOT be taken off Automatic Delivery. If a Plan is not renewed, fuel deliveries will be billed at our posted retail rate.   You will remain on Automatic Delivery at the expiration of this Plan unless you notify Daniels Propane, LLC in writing, by certified letter or fax.

For our automatic delivery customers, we use your previous consumption as a way to gauge your delivery frequency.  In the event that you usage changes, i.e. (more people living in your home, working from home, a new baby, or an addition to the size of your home),  we will need a call to notify us of this change in your usage patterns.  If you are new to Daniels, please monitor your tank for the first heating season and notify us if your tank gauge should go below a ¼ tank.  If your house is unoccupied or unattended for more than 24 hours, then you are responsible to have the house checked in freezing weather every 24 hours.  Daniels is not responsible for damage from a freeze up of plumbing pipes, and or heating equipment or consequential damages,  in the event your heating system shuts down, or your fuel tank runs dry.  In the event of a supply shortage, Daniels reserves the right to allocate or ration available fuel supplies amongst its customers at their own discretion.  Daniels is not responsible for circumstances beyond their control for any reason.  Our mission is to keep our customers comfortable and safe to the best of our ability,  and to provide the best supply and services available to our customers all year long.

B. General Terms: Purchaser has agreed to purchase fuel from Daniels Propane, LLC in the amounts set forth in the price protection Plan.  The Plan will commence on the START DATE and the Plan will expire on the END DATE OR when ALL OF THE CONTRACTED GALLONS are delivered, whichever first occurs. Daniels Propane, LLC may suspend deliveries and/or terminate this Plan for breach if account has a past due balance or for any un-paid fees.  All other charges or outstanding balances must be paid in full before enrolling in any protected price Plans.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL, AND ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR ALTERATION.

C. Program Definitions:  FIXED price Plan:  The per gallon price under the Fixed price Plan does NOT change during the contract.  The FIXED price remains the same from the START DATE to the END DATE, or until ALL OF THE CONTRACTED GALLONS are delivered, whichever first occurs.  CAPPED price Plan: The per gallon price of fuel under a cap contract will “NOT EXCEED” the capped rate during the contract.  If our posted rate on your date of delivery is below the capped rate, you pay our posted retail rate.

D. Gallons: You agree to the estimated number of gallons on your Plan.  Any required gallons over estimated gallons will be billed at our posted retail rate. A minimum annual purchase of 500 gallons is required to be eligible for this plan.

E. Acceptance: This Plan is price sensitive and Daniels Propane, LLC reserves the right not to accept a Plan not returned in 24 hours.  Your account balance must be current and you may not be carrying any past due balance.  If your account becomes past due at any time, Daniels Propane, LLC reserves the right to place your account on a C.O.D. basis and/or charge our current retail price per gallon for deliveries made while account is past due, or cancel this agreement.  In the event you
default on your balance, Daniels Propane, LLC will add attorney’s fees up to 33% of the unpaid balance plus any court costs or collection fees.

F. Liability: In the event of war, terrorism, national crisis, circumstances beyond our control, or the inability of Daniels Energy suppliers to provide price protected fuel to Daniels Energy, then our only liability to you is a full refund of any unused credit balance. If one or more of Daniels suppliers fail to supply, then Daniels has the right to allocate or ration fuel based on this supply short fall, or refund the unused credit balance. In the event taxes are levied against home heating fuel during the term of this Plan those taxes shall be paid to Daniels Energy. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut, our obligation to deliver heating fuel to you is secured by a futures contract or similar commitment of a surety bond as required by the laws of the State of Connecticut. This agreement may not be modified except by the written agreement of both you and Daniels Energy (It is your responsibility to ensure this agreement is returned to Daniels Energy per the terms of this agreement.) This agreement starts the date Daniels Energy records into record. I acknowledge this Plan has a liquidated damages fee.

G. Budget Payment Plan: Budget Payments are due by the 15th of each month. Budget payments are estimated by the system and are subject to approval by Daniels Propane, LLC credit department. If during this agreement your usage exceeds the estimate, your budget payment may be subject to review and adjusted accordingly.  Daniels Propane, LLC has the right to charge a monthly late budget fee of $30.00 on past due budget payments.

H. Fees/Balance: All Plan fees (including cap fees) are non-refundable. If you have a balance over the estimated amount, it is due within 30 days of being invoiced. If you have a credit left over at the end of this agreement, it will be used against future deliveries, or service requirements. Budget Payments are due by the 15th of each month. If during this agreement your usage exceeds the estimate, your budget payment may be adjusted accordingly. Daniels has the right to charge a monthly late budget fee of $30.00 on past due budget payments.

I. Cancellation:  If you cancel this agreement prior to the END DATE or before all gallons have been delivered, Daniels Propane, LLC reserves the right to charge you a liquidated damages fee, equal to any devaluation of product not delivered. (Example: 500 gallons remaining and $1.50 per gallon devaluation, then a liquidated damages fee of $750.00 would apply.)  Daniels Propane, LLC reserves the right to charge an additional handling fee of 15% of the value of unused fuel for administrative costs.  Liquidated damages will apply if alternate fuels are used and usage is below 85% of contracted gallons.

J. Telephonic Contracts: If this Plan is accepted by a recorded telephone call, then YOU must orally confirm to a Daniels Propane, LLC agent that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this Plan and the Daniels Propane, LLC agent must confirm the Plan terms, rate per gallon and all costs to protect the price Plan.  A telephonic contract is valid and binding upon oral acceptance of said price Plan.  Once the Plan terms are accepted a confirmation number will be read and recorded by the Daniels Propane, LLC Agent. A copy will be mailed to the customer.

K. Internet Contracts: Checking the boxes and clicking I AGREE makes this contract immediately valid and binding upon YOU. This contract is NOT VALID until it generates a CONFIRMATION NUMBER. A confirmation number will be generated once the contract is accepted and YOU click “I AGREE”.

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