This Just In…

This Just In

Each month Daniels sends out a simple, digital, newsletter to its customers.

It is designed to provide a brief interlude to your day – one day each month. It is filled with, hopefully, interesting, compelling, absurd, informative and slightly off-center content that will leave you scratching your head or breaking into a smile.

We’ll tell you about our “specials” but keep the selling to a minimum. Simply put, it is our hope that it shows a bit of our human side. It is only available if you sign up.

One last thought, we’ve collected issues from the last few years and while some of the content is sure to make you smile or wonder if we were sober, please note that many of the links that were live – then – are no longer working. Offers – and there were some super offers – are also a thing of the past.

Otherwise, we hope you will sign up and that we may provide you with a few minutes of levity and insight each month.


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