Is Daniels Energy Heating Your Home With French Fries?

French fries on a white plate, served hot.

In a sense, yes. Today Daniels Energy is providing home heating oil that includes the processed waste oil used to cook your French fries.

It’s part of our commitment to provide cleaner burning and more efficient home heating oil with the inclusion of up to 10% bio-diesel.

Made from waste oil products like that French fry cooking oil, plus canola and soybean oil, bio-diesel is used in 5-8% of the home heating oil sold today – with a goal of 50% by 2035.

Using this mix can help reduce greenhouse emissions by as much as 15%. And – it receives the support of the U.S. Sierra Club to use sustainable and renewable agricultural products.

Daniels has been providing home heating oil and propane to customer homes throughout Central Connecticut for nearly a century. We’re doing what we can to minimize our collective carbon footprint and to leave our children and grandchildren a healthier, sustainable environment. French fries are just one small piece of that solution. Oh, and another thing…