Is 40% a Small Thing?

Accel gas furnaces offer energy efficiency with a 40% reduction in energy consumption, while our water heaters provide reliable hot water supply.

Daniels Energy is committed to providing the cleanest home heating oil, propane and cleanest burning heating and air conditioning equipment available.

To that end we use a bio-diesel mix with our fuel oil to reduce carbon emissions, promote cleaner, greener propane rather than natural gas. And we also provide the most efficient heating systems available including the Energy Kinetics System 2000.

We’ve told you about it for years. It has proven to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40%.

Yes 40% We’ve seen it.

Compared to 35 years ago the average Daniels home burns 30-50% less fuel oil today. More efficient systems like Energy Kinetics are one reason. Cleaner burning fuel is another.

Better long-term maintenance is yet a third. Daniels Energy is committed to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint – and yours.

Which brings us to this offer: