The Benefits of Professional Attention to Your AC Unit

Don’t let your energy costs rise with the temperatures!

Our HVAC professionals are able to take a detailed look at your system and identify problems you may have otherwise missed.

Your air conditioning system works especially hard this time of year. Our full AC system servicing offers a number of benefits, including:

Preventing little problems from getting bigger

Wear and tear are forever related; the more wear you have, the more tear there will be. Having your AC serviced allows a licensed technician to identify and repair these problems before they become big and costly to repair.

Protecting your AC unit’s warranty

Like many larger-priced items, air conditioners commonly come with a long-term warranty that will cover the costs should something go wrong with your unit. You need to remember that AC warranties are often tied to requirements for seasonal maintenance. Failure to adhere to this maintenance could void the warranty. Having your unit serviced by our professional HVAC technicians will ensure that your unit is running well and that your warranty is protected.

Improving efficiency and air quality

On those sweltering hot summer days, you want to cool down as quickly as possible when you go indoors. A system inspection  will enable us to remove any buildup that may be clogging the condenser. The longer this buildup is allowed to persist, the more clogged your system will become. That will make your unit more inefficient and costly to operate.

Reducing Environmental Impact

If you live near the Shoreline, you should know that it is especially important to have your air conditioning unit routinely serviced. Sea breezes carry salt that can find its way into your AC unit, accelerating the rusting process. Other environmental factors also impact the condition of your equipment. The effects may not be readily apparent.

Saving Money

Your electricity bill increases the more you use your AC unit. It pays to run your unit as efficiently as possible, ensuring you are comfortable all season long at a minimal expense.




Oil and Propane Delivery

A/C Again!!

Thank you to David. He was very polite and professional and completed the repair in record time!!  Having A/C again is WONDERFUL!!

Great Trane AC Installation

I would like you to know my appreciation of the 3 person team who did my instillation yesterday. They worked in unreasonable conditions on a very hot humid day.  They were always courteous, non-complaining and I felt comfortable having them in my home. I’m sure the temperature in my attic was over 100 Degrees.


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