Central Air Conditioning:
It’s Not Just for Cooling

Customer ReviewsCentral A/C Will Always Keep You in Your Comfort Zone 

With today’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) technology, there are many options for cooling and heating your home. Often, one home comfort system can do both. That’s where central air conditioning comes in. We sell, install and service most brand names. Here are a few we recommend:


The choice is yours,  from all-electric and gas/electric systems to the dual fuel option of the EarthWise™ Hybrid for a more eco-minded spin.  No matter what Trane  system or model you choose, you will maximize your home comfort from summer to winter.

Trane air conditioners

Top: A Trane packaged heating and cooling system combines a high-efficiency air conditioner with a variable-speed gas furnace, maximizing your comfort from summer to winter and back. Bottom: A classic Trane Variable Speed AC is one of the industry’s most efficient variable speed air conditioners.


With the introduction of the STAR Lineup of Ductless Air-Conditioning and Heating Units, Mitsubishi takes Single-Zone and Multi-Zone year round comfort to the next level. The combination of eco-comfort technology, dual and triple-allergen filtration, and whisper-quiet operation makes Mitsubishi Electric systems popular throughout the world.

Mistubishi Electric comfort systems

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in home comfort systems that are compact, easy to install and provide balanced zonal comfort regardless of area size.


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Air Conditioning Installations

Pleased With Our New A/C

The new A/C (A Trane XLI with Weatherguard”) is in and we LOVE it. Thank you for your help. Perfect choice! We are always so impressed with the technicians of your company. As with our furnace and propane tank that you installed- we are sold on Daniels Energy.

Stay in your comfort zone

Family get togetherThe air conditioner in a central heating and cooling system provides cool air through ductwork inside your home. It draws out the warm air inside, removing its heat. In a split system, the compressor condenses and circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor unit, changing it from a gas to a liquid. The liquid is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil or cooling compartment. The indoor unit’s fan circulates the inside air to pass across the evaporator fins which exchanges the thermal energy with the air around it. There, the refrigerant turns from liquid into vapor. The air is cooled and blown back into the house.

From season to season, it is important to keep your central air conditioning system maintained properly. Inefficiencies cost you money. Let our trained and certified Home Comfort Specialists check out your heating and cooling system.



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