How Daniels Propane Trucks Fill Tanks

The 80% Rule Explained

The 80% propane fill rule is a safety measure that recommends that propane tanks should not be filled beyond 80% of their maximum capacity. This rule is put in place to prevent potential safety hazards that may arise due to fluctuations in the temperature and pressure inside the tank.

Propane is stored in its liquid form inside a propane tank under pressure. When the temperature of the propane increases, the propane expands and creates pressure inside the tank. Similarly, when the temperature decreases, the propane contracts, creating a vacuum inside the tank. These fluctuations in temperature and pressure can cause the tank to become unstable and potentially dangerous if it is overfilled.

By filling propane tanks to no more than 80% of their capacity, there is enough space in the tank to allow for propane expansion and contraction without putting excessive pressure on the tank. This helps to prevent the tank from becoming unstable and reduces the risk of leaks or other safety hazards.

In summary, the 80% propane fill rule is a preventative safety measure that helps to ensure the stability of propane tanks by allowing for fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Following this rule helps to reduce the risk of accidents and ensures that propane is stored safely and securely.