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DANIELS ENERGY has two great brands to choose from, but we are qualified in install any make or model, as long as they meet Federal and State environmental guidelines for your energy needs.


An appreciative note from a recent customer

Went to see my in-laws, as they smelled oil in their basement. Checked out the tank, lines, filter, fill pipe and everything looked good. Went back on Sunday as the smell was a bit stronger and there was a wet spot under the tank and could see that the tank was slowly dripping oil. Put down speedy dry and called your office first thing on Monday.

Your office had someone come out pronto and after the inspection it was evident a new tank was needed. You scheduled the work for Tuesday afternoon and it was done. On behalf of my mother in law and family we really appreciate your team taking care of this so fast and it was a tough job with no walk-in basement.

Give my sincere thanks to all involved for a job well done!

Granby “EcoGuard”

Granby Steel Tanks has been a leader in the manufacture and distribution of steel tanks for the storage of petroleum products since 1954. In connection with NORA, the National Oil Heat Research Alliance, Granby advises that oil tanks should be replaced after 20 years of use.

Granby features a double bottom leak detection and containment system to minimize leakage risk. Some models come with alarm systems.

Granby features a double bottom leak detection and containment system to minimize leakage risk. Some models come with alarm systems.


Ideal for heating oil, Roth tanks meet the strictest European safety standards and exceed the most recent industry safety regulations. Each tank undergoes thorough testing, including ultrasound tests to ensure optimal thickness of plastic, and pressure testing to ensure the tank is sealed completely.

Roth Double-Wall Oil Storage Tanks

The Roth weld-free galvanized steel outer tank surrounds a seamless high-density, corrosion-resistant polyethylene inner tank.

Superior Tanks

Available in single wall or double bottom design, Superior Tanks have been manufactured by Superior Tanks Ltd in New Brunswick, Canada for over 75 years. They are popular in the U.S. because of their clean efficiency and suitability to residential environments.


Superior 275 Oil Tank

The Superior features a high quality finish that resists rust and corrosion.


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