Oil Heating Equipment

Get Comfortable With It

An ideal heating system utilizes the combined efficiencies of state-of-the-art equipment. Achieve cost-effective comfort all year round by upgrading your oil home heating system. We have a wide range of home heating systems to choose from, including electric and fuel neutral models.
We handle most makes and models. Our Home Comfort Specialists will assist you in choosing the right oil equipment suited to your energy needs and budget. Click on the arrows to see for yourself:


Daniels Energy of Connecticut

Energy Kinetics

Energy Kinetics Accel CS Boiler

The System 2000 Accel CS offers heat and endless hot water combined. The Energy Kinetics line offers many oil, propane and natural gas heating solutions.


Buderus Oil Boiler
With high output at the least cost per BTU, Buderus boilers are ecological as well as economical. The G215 model (shown here) is the world’s best seller.

Lochnivar - Knight

Lochnivar Boiler
Sleek, modern and efficient Lochnivar boilers come in several models with a wide range of floor standing and wall mount versions.

New Yorker

New Yorker boiler
Recirculating combustion gases within a unique heat exchanger system maximizes BTUs and reduces heating costs.


Peerless boiler
Achieving higher efficiencies than conventional boilers, Peerless condensing boilers are dependable and built to last.


Vitodens Condensing Boiler

Well designed and durable, Vitodens Viessmann condensing boilers come in a variety of compact sizes offering fossil oil to combo bio-oil heating solutions.



Crown oil furnace
Designed for conventional chimney configurations, Crown warm air furnaces come in a variety of durable models that have become homeowner standards in the Northeast.


Thermopride oil furnace
Built to last, Thermopride furnaces are a Northeast standard with oil condensing models reaching up to 95% AFUE.


Trane oil furnace
Trane oil-fired furnaces come in many models ideally suited for cold winters. Technologically advanced, Trane offers a wide range of heating and cooling solutions.

Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling
One of the world’s most popular heating and cooling systems, Mitsubishi Electric sets the standard for ductless uniform comfort.

Water Heaters


Everhot water heater
Everhot water heaters are found almost everywhere because they are durable and dependable for a steady supply of hot water.


Crown water heater
American made Crown water heaters are dependable and durable. Designed for installation with a standard chimney, other models are also available.



With a Heat-Flo Indirect water heater, hot water from any hydronic boiler circulates through the coil inside the tank, heating all the water in the tank.


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