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Oil Delivery Plans

Pick the Oil Delivery Plan that is right for you:

When it comes to oil delivery, we have 3 options to meet your heating needs and budget.

Oil Delivery Plan #1: PRICE CAP

The Price Cap Oil Delivery Plan

The Best Oil Delivery Plan!Highly Recommended!
This Option is the BEST CHOICE for Fuel Purchase Decisions.
The benefits of the plan are:

  • If fuel prices rise, a maximum rate (CAP) is in place to protect you against rising fuel prices and at the same time gives you the benefit of being charged the lower price if fuel prices should fall. You are 100% protected against fuel price changes.
  • This plan carries a small fee for the CAP protection.
  • Payment can be made by pre-payment or by monthly budget payment.
Oil Delivery Plan #2: FIXED

The Fixed Price Oil Delivery Plan

  • This option is offered by many fuel dealers and allows you to purchase your entire annual fuel requirements at a “set price.”
  • The benefits of this plan are that it protects you against rising fuel prices and you know exactly what your fuel price will be for the season.
  • The risks of this plan are that it offers no protection against falling prices. What this means is that you may be paying a higher price per gallon and you will not benefit from lower fuel prices should fuel prices fall.
  • Payment can be made by pre-payment.
Oil Delivery Plan #3: FLEXIBLE

The Flexible Pricing Oil Delivery Plan

  • This traditional purchase option allows you to pay the “daily” rate on day of delivery. Prices move throughout the heating season with market changes.
  • The benefits of this plan assume steady or declining fuel prices. You get the advantage of the lowest fuel price.
  • The risks of this plan are that there is no price protection (or CAP) to protect against rising market prices and you could end up paying a higher fuel price.
  • Payment can be made per delivery with prompt payment discount or an E-Z Monthly Budget with an automatic discount.

We recommend that you consider the CAP option as it offers you the best protection from unforeseen changes in fuel prices. Pricing for these plans will fluctuate with fuel prices.


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