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Propane Service Plans

Propane Service Plans featuring: Propane Heating System Tune-ups | Propane Furnace & Boiler Maintenance

Whether you choose a Platinum, Gold or Silver Service Plan, you can always rely on Daniels Propane to exceed your expectations. All of our Home Comfort Specialists are fully licensed and trained to keep your propane HVAC systems  and appliances running smoothly and cost effectively. CHOOSE THE SERVICE PLAN THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU Click Below

The Silver Comfort Plan

This Propane Service Plan provides preventative maintenance for your residential heating system and it also includes a periodic tune-up. This silver plan also gives you a 15% discount on residential propane furnace or boiler heating service calls.

  • System safety inspection
  • Vacuum cleaning if necessary
  • Inspection of heat exchanger, condensate drain, exhaust piping
  • Electronic efficiency test
  • Change air filters if needed
  • Check system pressure

Daniels Energy has provided courteous, ethical customer service to Connecticut families since 1926.

The Gold Propane Service Plan includes all the benefits of the Silver Plan in addition to providing preventative maintenance for your residential furnace or boiler heating system. This Gold Plan gives you peace of mind coverage including the parts listed as follows.

  • 5% discount on residential propane heating service calls
  • Aquastat
  • Circulator relay
  • Combination control
  • Emergency switch replacement
  • Fuses
  • High Limit Control
  • Low Limit Control
  • Pressuretrol control
  • Reverse Aquastat
  • Thermostat (manual)
  • Triple Aquastat
  • Burner Tubes
  • Burner Orifice
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Flame Sensor
  • Gas Stop Valve
  • Gas Valve
  • Glow Bar
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Pilot Assembly
  • Pilot Burner
  • Pilot Orifice
  • Pilot Valve
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Pressure Switch
  • Thermocouple

The Platinum Plan is the most inclusive of all the plans, it provides worry free 24 hour coverage of all major components of your residential furnace or boiler heating system. The Platinum Plan includes all the benefits of both the Silver and Gold Plans in addition to the following parts.

• Air scoop
• Air vent
• Baffle
• Balance valves
• Bearing assembly
• Blower bearings *
• Blower complete *
• Blower shaft *
• Blower wheel *
• Boiler valves
• Boiler/Furnace wiring
• Circulator complete *
• Circulator impeller
• Check valves
• Combustion chamber
• Draft inducer
• Draft inducer motor
• Expansion tank
• Extrol tank
• Feed valve
• Flow control valve *
• Flue pipe (single wall)
• Gates valves
• Glass gauge
• High pressure regulator
• Humidifier fan *
• Humidifier float *
• Humidifier motor *
• Humidifier pad
• Humidistat *
• Low Pressure regulator
• Low water cutoff float
• Low water cutoff switch
• Low voltage transformer
• Mixing valves
• Pressure reducing valve
• Temperature gauge
• Thermostat
• Zone valve complete *
• Zone valve motor *
• Zone valve power head
• Zone valve relay *

*(one per year)

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