Troubleshooting in an Emergency

We're here for youall year round!We know how stressful it can be to wake up on a cold winter morning and find out there is no heat. Or, on a hot summer day there’s nothing worse than a sweltering house if your air conditioning suddenly goes out.

Here are some Emergency Procedures to follow before giving us a call. We’re always at your service, but want you to be prepared if there is an emergency:

If you don’t have heat – check the following:

  • All switches are on!
  • Fuel in oil tank!
  • Thermostat turned 5 degrees above room temperature!
  • Fuses or circuit breakers have been reset!
  • Then call for service if your are still having problems: 860-342-3778 or 860-767-1920

It is always a good idea to have preventative maintenance performed periodically.
See our 24-hour Service Plans for oil service,  propane service or natural gas service.

If you smell exhaust or fuel odor in your home, shut off system and immediately call our 24 – hour emergency service line. If you have a rushing or gurgling noise, call us to have your system purged and air eliminator checked.

Cooling System Tips

If your cooling system is not working – check the following:

  • Make sure all switches are in the “on” position.
  • Be sure fuses or circuit breakers are not tripped!
  • Turn thermostat to 5 degrees below room temperature!
  • For most efficient operation, have your system tuned up each spring.
  • Keep area around outdoor condensing unit clean and clear of leaves, and other debris that may prevent unit from receiving adequate air flow.
  • If your cooling system does not operate, call our 24-hour emergency service line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy from a Full Service Fuel Dealer?
A: Full Service Dealers offer a large variety of services that add value, which increases convenience and comfort levels. Some of these services include our in-house Service Department, Price Protection Plans, Fuel additives, Budget Payments, and Twenty-Four hour service.

Q: Is there a difference from one dealer to another?
A: There are big differences between competing dealers. The variety of services, the level of technical training of staff are some examples. Also, the ownership of a company, whether it is Family owned, a subsidiary of a large corporation, and whether the ownership is local and involved in the community.

Q: Does fuel quality vary from one dealer to another?
A: Yes, some companies use fuel additives that enhance combustion, reduce tank sediment, absorb moisture, and inhibit corrosion.

Q: Is there a difference between a Price Cap and a Fixed Price?
A: Yes, while both pricing methods protect the consumer against rising fuel prices, only a price cap allows the consumer to benefit if prices should fall.

Q: Is a heating system Service Plan a good buy?
A: Yes, think of it as an insurance policy for peace of mind. Different Service Plans offer different levels of coverage, and vary widely from company to company.

Q: Do you service both fuel customers and non-fuel customers?
A: Yes, we offer our fuel customers 24-hour service. We only offer non-fuel customers service during normal working hours. We also give priority to automatic delivery fuel customers, in scheduling all service activities. Regular fuel customers also receive a reduced rate on service.

Q: How does a Budget Plan work?
A: We estimate the annual fuel consumption and multiply by a forecasted price per gallon to calculate an estimated annual fuel bill. We can then add in a Service Plan if the customer requests. We then divide this amount by either 8 or 10 months to get an even monthly payment. At the end of the budget period, the account is reconciled to the actual amount used, and any balance left is due.

Q: Can you incorporate non-covered charges?
A: No, we can not foresee any amounts for service repairs that are not part of a Service Plan. Therefore, any amount incurred other than Fuel and Service Plan charges are due and payable Net 30 days, or according to other payment terms arranged.

Q: Does receiving fuel from another supplier void a Service Plan?
A: Yes, because we can only control the quality of fuel that we provide. If another supplier provides fuel to a unit that has a Service Plan from our company, that plan immediately becomes void.


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