Can Our Oil Company Be Environmentally Friendly?

A Daniels Energy truck, owned by an environmentally friendly oil company, parked in a parking lot.

We believe so.

We have children. And grandchildren. We know the challenges the world faces with climate change. We know the impact of burning fossil fuels. We know we all need to do something.

To that end, Daniels Energy has been doing its part by helping to reduce the impact of burning home heating oil and propane.

How? With the use of clean, green and renewable bio-fuels in Daniels fuel oil deliveries. Bio-diesel is made from renewable plants and animal fats, soybean and canola oils, inedible corn oil, and waste cooking oil.

Today as much as 20% of a delivery can consist of bio-diesel, which burns cleaner reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50 - 80% compared to petroleum diesel.

Daniels also uses bio-diesel in our delivery trucks to further reduce our own carbon footprint. Plus, Daniels has been providing environmentally friendly propane for more than four decades and has just increased our storage capacity with a new 60,000 gallon facility in Old Saybrook.

Connecticut will continue to rely on fuel oil to heat homes and businesses for years to come. We’re doing our part to mitigate its impact on our environment. We thought you’d like to know.

Oh, and another thing…