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One of the earliest English settlements in Connecticut, Guilford combines scenic beauty and a rich history with a vibrant business community.

One of the earliest English settlements in Connecticut, Guilford prides itself on its scenic beauty and rich history along with a vibrant business community.

In May, 1639, a congregation of puritans led by the Rev. Henry Whitfield left England to seek religious freedom in the New World. They arrived at Quinnipiac (New Haven) later that summer. After negotiating with the local Native Americans, who were represented by the squaw sachem (female chief) Shaumpishih, the group purchased land halfway between New Haven and Saybrook. There they established the plantation of Menuncatuck, which would later be known as Guilford.

The first houses were small huts with thatched roofs, wooden walls, and dirt floors. Like most 17th century New England towns, Guilford was organized around a common, or green.  Guilford, unlike other villages, had no defensive walls surrounding the community. Instead, large stone houses were built for the leaders of the plantation. These homes, especially Rev. Whitfield’s house,  were strategically located and used for shelter during times of danger.

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Many quaint shops line the streets around “The Green” where livestock once grazed in 17th Century town square.

Guilford became part of the New Haven Colony and then the Connecticut Colony later in the 17th century, Guilford’s William Leete was one of the first governors of these colonies. By the next century, the town had become a thriving coastal community with agriculture and fishing supporting the economy.

Many colonial style homes survive to this day, making Guilford a popular destination for historic preservationists researching 18th century domestic architecture. During the Revolutionary War, Guilford was attacked by British troops from New York. The local militia was able to defeat the invaders.

In the 19th century heralded an expanding shipbuilding and maritime trade. With the coming of the railroad, industries such as foundries, canneries, shoe shops, and carriage makers evolved. Quarries opened and supplied local granite to the world, including blocks for the base of the Statue of Liberty. Guilford’s own Fitz-Greene Halleck was hailed as America’s first poet and is honored with a statue in New York’s Central Park.


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By the end of the 19th and into the 20th century, Guilford became a summer destination for Victorian vacationers from near and far. Fine hotels, restaurants, and summer cottages sprang up in Mulberry Point, Sachem’s Head, Indian Cove, and Leete’s Island. With the coming of the interstate highway system, Guilford’s once-small population has risen to a year-round community of approximately 22,000 people. Guilford’s natural scenic beauty, its Green, its historic houses, and its thriving business community guide the citizens of Guilford toward a promising future.

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Prompt and efficient delivery has been our hallmark since the 1920’s when we first began our family business delivering coal. For over 90 years, Daniels Energy has been the dependable heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) comfort resource for oil, propane and natural gas – servicing businesses, homes and local government facilities in towns like Guilford. We have grown since then in offering our clients, who are also our neighbors, a variety of choices for all their HVAC needs. Whether you are a home owner who is concerned about affordable HVAC options and costs; or a commercial business enterprise, like a hospital or company, where both cost efficiency and the comfort of your employees and clients are important – Daniels Energy can customize HVAC systems to fit your budget. Our heating and cooling specialists are fully trained and certified for sales, installation and service.  And most importantly – we do the job right – the first time!

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