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Think CLEAN oil and quality propane for the Shoreline.  Propane has always been clean and safe. Now, thanks to new biodiesel technology, oil isn’t the dirty word it used to be. Our family has been delivering clean BioHeat Oil to Shoreline homes for three years now. Become a Daniels Energy customer and SAVE! Save on your energy costs and save our planet by going green! BECOME A DANIELS CUSTOMER.


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Essex oil and propane deliveryDaniels Energy serves the Shoreline through its Essex office. Robert, David and Barry Daniels call the Shoreline home and think of their customers as friends and neighbors. Many Daniels Energy staffers live in the Shoreline. It is one of the reason why the Daniels family was quick to introduce the new clean oil heat of the future: Bioheat®. As the USEA notes; Bioheat® technology is mostly advocated by family-owned energy companies run by families largely because Bioheat® is clean and green.

Just visit Essex’s historic waterfront district and see why it’s so important to go clean and green.  It is a welcoming Long Island Sound port throughout the year. Whether you go on a natural beauty tour of the Connecticut River on a cruise or take in the ongoing lineup of parades, free concerts and exhibits on the village green, you’ll see why Essex is such a popular place to visit or reside.

With a population today of only 6,500, Essex lies along the Connecticut River, just five miles North of its mouth in Old Saybrook, where the River meets Long Island Sound. It consists of three villages, Centerbrook, Essex, and Ivoryton, each with its own Post Office and zip code, but all part of the same government and school system. The history of the Town is really the story of the three villages and the shifting sands of fortune that allowed each its period of prominence.


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In 1720, the establishment of a Congregational Church in Centerbrook was a tremendous improvement for the settlers who previously had to travel from as far away as Chester to attend services in Saybrook. The first structure was a modest meeting house that served until 1790 when it was replaced by the present church. As the community grew, a Town Hall, a town pound, and a poorhouse were added. The formation of an iron works, along with a saw mill and gristmill on the Falls River contributed to the commercial economy of the Village.

Essex oil and propane delivery

Bustling Essex town square wasn’t always bustling.

By the middle of the 18th century, however, the focus was already moving to Potapoug Point, or Essex Village as we know it, where shipbuilding was beginning to offer an alternate occupation to farming. With each generation of large families, the farms would be divided into smaller and smaller holdings. Young men would have to acquire additional acreage or learn a trade such as shipbuilding, blacksmithing, coopering, or other skills to supplement their farm income.

With the coming of the Railroad and the waning of the wooden ship era, the spotlight was moving to Ivoryton Village. Known originally as West Centerbrook, this area was sparsely settled well into the 1800s, with only about a dozen homesteads and farms. The two men responsible for the growth of Ivoryton were Samuel Merritt Comstock, born in 1809, and George A. Cheney, who was twenty years younger. After an early partnership to produce screwdrivers and ivory goods, Comstock set out on his own to manufacture ivory products. Earlier in the century, a machine invented by Deacon Phineas Pratt of Essex, enabled the cutting of ivory for combs and other fine items. Eventually, the company  concentrated on the manufacture of ivory piano keys and piano actions. 

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There is so much to say about the versatility of propane. Learn more about propane applications for Residential, Commercial or industrial settings.

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Daniels Coal Truck - 1920's

The Daniels family began delivering coal in the 1920’s.

Daniels Energy is proud to serve Essex and the Shoreline. With our Centerbrook office and Deep River fuel storage facility, we offer our Shoreline customers responsive service and dedicated, ethical customer care.

The Daniels family has provided Connecticut homes and businesses with quality heating and cooling services since 1926. Whether you’re looking to convert from oil to propane, install or repair HVAC systems, tanks, furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters, Let Daniels Do It. We are Connecticut’s leading provider of residential heating and cooling comfort.

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