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Deep River

Deep River oil and propane deliveryOriginally part of the Saybrook Colony, which formally joined Connecticut in 1644, Deep River is one of several towns that originally made up the colony. Renamed in 1947, Deep River is located in Middlesex County. Its historical roots are still evident, as several sites – including the Deep River Town Hall, Freight Station, the Doris (a sailing yacht), and the Pratt, Read and Company Factory Complex – are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Deep River propane and oil delivery

The Deep River Muster is the oldest and largest gathering of fife and drum participants in the world.

Once called the “Queen of the Valley” due to wealth from the ivory industry, Deep River imported ivory from 1840 – 1940, to make items such as combs, billiard balls, but most profitable was the piano keys. The Town has now stepped up to help save the endangered African Elephant. A large statue of an elephant stands outside the Deep River Town Hall with a plaque honoring the majestic animal.

Deep River has gained fame as the location of the Deep River Ancient Muster. First held in 1879 and now annually on the third Saturday of July, the Muster is the oldest and largest gathering of fife and drum participants in the world. The weekend includes a tattoo (fife and drum competition), parade, and muster, with the muster listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest such event in the world.

Located along the beautiful Connecticut River, Deep River offers the best of the past, the present and the future with its rich history and appealing location. Considered by some to be one of Connecticut’s well kept secrets, Deep River offers fine dining, diverse entertainment, and comfortable living to residents and visitors.


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Daniels Energy Serves Connecticut Shoreline Homes

Daniels Coal Truck - 1920's

The Daniels family began delivering coal in the 1920’s.

Daniels Energy is proud to serve Deep River. With our Deep River fuel storage facility and Centerbrook office, we offer our Shoreline customers responsive service and dedicated customer care. Our customers are also our neighbors. Robert, David and Barry Daniels are Shoreline residents. Many Daniels staffers are, too!

Since 1926, the Daniels family has provided Connecticut homes and businesses with quality heating and cooling services. Looking to convert from oil to propane, install or repair HVAC systems, tanks, furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters? Let Daniels Do It. We are Connecticut’s leader in commercial heating and cooling solutions. You can depend on our ethical and courteous standards of customer service to make your home comfort affordable.

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