Connecticut Propane and Connecticut Oil
Connecticut Propane and Connecticut Oil

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Clinton National Bank as it looked in 1908. A bluefish as it appears every year in Clinton, known as the

Clinton National Bank as it looked in 1908. A bluefish as it appears every year in Clinton, known as the “Bluefish Capital of the World”.

Clinton is bordered by Madison to the west, Westbrook to the east, Killingworth to the north, and lays directly off the Long Island Sound. Like the towns surrounding it, Clinton is steeped in early American history. First home to the hammonasset people, it was purchased from them and established as a plantation for English settlers in 1663.

Yale University’s first classes were conducted here. Benjamin Franklin, Colonial Postmaster General, personally determined the site of a Boston Post Road milestone on current Main Street.

In the nineteenth century hundreds of trading ships were built and launched from Clinton’s shipyards. Ponds Extract Company, founded by Theron T. Pond in 1846, processed and bottled witch hazel to create “Pond’s Cream”.  His little company, with its ointments to soothe small cuts and scrapes, grew to the iconic brand in women’s beauty products that it is today.

Clinton has a bustling downtown that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Clinton Village Historic District and the Liberty Green Historic District. However, it is Clinton’s shoreline that really bustles. Known for its summer Bluefish Festival, fishermen frequent the local Clinton Harbor on Cedar Island and Clinton Beach to catch the aforementioned fish. Clinton is known as the bluefish capital of the world.


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Daniels Energy Serves Connecticut Shoreline Homes

Daniels Coal Truck - 1920's

The Daniels family began delivering coal in the 1920’s.

Clinton is very much a part of Daniels Energy. With our Centerbrook office and Deep River fuel storage facility, we offer our Shoreline customers responsive service and dedicated customer care. Our customers are also our neighbors. Robert, David and Barry Daniels live in the Shoreline, as do many Daniels Energy staffers.

Since 1926, the Daniels family has provided Connecticut homes and businesses with quality heating and cooling services. Whether you’re looking to convert from oil to propane or natural gas, install or repair HVAC systems, tanks, furnaces, boilers, or hot water heaters, Daniels Energy is there for you. We are Connecticut’s leader in commercial heating and cooling solutions. You can depend on our ethical and courteous standards of customer service to make your home comfort affordable. Let Daniels Do It.

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