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About West Hartford

West Hartford

Business and diversity have defined West Hartford since the early 1900’s. “Celebrate West Hartford” has become an annual event since 2004.

In 2010, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine listed West Hartford as one of the nation’s “10 Great Cities for Raising Families”. First settled in 1679 by Protestants from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Hartford evolved into a thriving port and trading center on the Connecticut River to rival Dutch commercial interests on the Hudson River.

It is believed that the first homesteader to West Hartford was Stephen Hosmer whose father was in Reverend Thomas Hooker’s first group of Hartford settlers and who later owned 300 acres just north of the present Center. In 1679, Stephen Hosmer’s father sent him to establish a sawmill on the property. Young Hosmer would go back to live in Hartford, but in his 1693 estate inventory, 310 acres in West Hartford along with a house and a sawmill are listed. For nearly a century the property would be handed down through the family. Evidence still remains of the Town’s first industry. Stephen Hosmer’s mill pond and dam can still be found on the west side of North Main Street.

However, up until the early 1900’s the community remained primarily agricultural. As Hartford grew, the town was known as the West Division of the City of Hartford until its incorporation in May 3, 1854 when it became West Hartford.

West Hartford today epitomizes the evolution of numerous towns across America. Although founded by Protestants in the late 1600s, the town has evolved into a thriving diverse community where 66 different languages and dialects are being spoken in the public schools. These include Punjabi, Cantonese, Arabic and Icelandic. There are now over 30 different places of worship in the community.

Daniels Energy then and now

Daniels Energy, then and now.

Over a hundred and fifty years since it gained its independence, West Hartford still celebrates its distinctive community spirit. In 2004, residents came out in the thousands to commemorate the town’s sesquicentennial through parades, exhibits, programs, and festivals.

West Hartford is just one of the vital towns in Central Connecticut that Daniels Energy has served for over half a century. Since our family began delivering coal in and fuel oil in 1926, we have been relied upon for dependable oil and propane delivery, as well as outstanding customer service, since 1926. Like our customers, we have kept up with the times. We also offer full HVAC services; including sales, installations and repairs of Natural Gas heating and cooling systems.


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