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Tranquil Lake Terramuggus becomes the scene of Olympic energy in the annual

Tranquil Lake Terramuggus becomes the scene of Olympic energy in the annual “Lake T Sprint Series” where every level of triathlete trains, competes and has a blast!!

Marlborough, Connecticut is less than 26 miles away from the state’s capital of Hartford and is in the southeastern section of Hartford County.  Adding to this, is the fact that it is almost equidistant between Boston and New York City – about 2 hours either way. This charming, rural town with a population of only 6,400 residents features the tranquil and beautiful Lake Terramuggus, located within the town’s borders. The lake is owned by the town and only residents are able to fish, canoe or sail its pristine water. These factors make Marlborough a most sought after place for many would-be home buyers.

The earliest settlers, prior to the arrival of the English settlers, were the Podunk Indian Tribe, an indigenous people who spoke an Algonquian language. (Interesting factoid: “Connecticut” is an Algonquian Indian word which means “long river” and refers to the Connecticut River.)

The English settlement history of Marlborough begins like many other towns in Connecticut in the 1600’s, with religion playing a very important role in the formation of Connecticut’s 169 incorporated towns. The Puritans made Congregationalism the established faith of the colony. Groups of people would first petition the CT General Assembly for permission to settle an area. Once given, the next steps would require enough in tax dollars to pay for a minister and to build a church.  Again a petition would be made to the CT General Assembly to form an Ecclesiastical Society. In 1747, William Buell and Joel Foote were the petitioners for what was to become known as the town of Marlborough. In 1749, they began constructing the First Congregational Church which wouldn’t be finished until 1803.  In October, 1803, the CT General Assembly incorporated Marlborough as a town from parts of Glastonbury, Hebron and Colchester. (This Congregational Church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.)

Another important feature for a town would be the establishment of an “Ordynary” (Ordinary) or colonial tavern. The creation of these taverns where travelers could eat, drink and sleep, as well as the proprietorship were mandated by the General Counsel, sitting in Hartford in 1644. The first public house was opened in Hartford in 1645 by Thomas Ford.  Shortly after, in that same year, a second proprietorship was given to John Sadler of Wethersfield.

Sadler did well with his public house, but seeing that Marlborough had two well-traveled crossroads that would be even better suited for his business, he moved to this location in 1653. The two busy roads were the Hockanum Path with the Monhege Trail (Hartford to New London); and a cart path (now known as Rt. 66) used by farmers to go to Middletown to transport crops on the Connecticut River.  Sadler and his Ordynary were very successful and colorful. In 1654 Sadler was arrested and fined for selling “strong water” to the Indians. A year later he protested a fine of five shillings for allowing a patron to get too drunk, insisting it was the patron’s fault. The Magistrate Court upped the fine by 40 shillings. He paid. And in 1662 a murder occurred outside his public house when a patron was beaten to death.  The original “Sadler’s Ordynary” does not exist today. Neither the records nor the actual site of the building can be found. However there is a modern restaurant on Main Street that uses the name.

Mary Hall

America’s first licensed female attorney, Mary Hall (1843 – 1927) was also a philanthropist, poet and suffragist.

During the 1800’s Marlborough was also the home to many textile mills, but beginning in the Civil War through the early 1900’s the mills closed down and the population dwindled. By 1907, no mills could be found in Marlborough and the town once more became a quiet little sleepy town with less than 305 residents. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the town was rediscovered and the “new settlers” who were working in Hartford, CT found it to be a very easy commute and an ideal place to raise a family. From that time on Marlborough has continued to flourish and grow.

One very famous “daughter” of Marlborough is Mary Hall – lawyer, philanthropist, poet and suffragist (1843 – 1927).  Mary Hall’s achievements are many.  Most notably, she was the first female lawyer permitted to practice law in the nation. In 1882 the Connecticut Supreme Court

of Errors allowed Hall to be admitted to the Connecticut Bar.  In spite of this monumental step forward, Mary Hall rarely appeared in court to represent her clients since it was felt that the appearance of a female lawyer would work against the clients’ best interests.  She also worked tirelessly for underprivileged children as well. Her legacy includes the founding of the “Good Will Club” a charity which provided young boys with education and vocational training. This charity eventually numbered over 3,000 young boys who were in need of her charity’s help. And as a suffragist, she actively fought for the right of women to vote which became the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution in 1920, seven years before her death.

Daniels Energy heating & cooling services for Marlborough, CT

Daniels Coal Truck - 1920's

The Daniels family began delivering coal in the 1920’s.

For over 90 years, Daniels Energy has been the dependable heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) comfort resource for oil, propane and natural gas – servicing businesses, homes and local government facilities in towns like Marlborough, CT. Prompt and efficient delivery has been our hallmark since the 1920’s when we first began our family business delivering coal. We have grown since then in offering our clients, who are also our neighbors, a variety of choices for all their HVAC needs. Whether you are a home owner who is concerned about affordable HVAC options and costs; or a commercial business enterprise, like a hospital or company, where both cost efficiency and the comfort of your employees and clients are important – Daniels Energy can customize HVAC systems to fit your budget. Our heating and cooling specialists are fully trained and certified for sales, installation and service.  And most importantly – we do the job right – the first time!


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8 High Street, P.O. Box 32, Portland, CT 06480 • 24 Main Street, Centerbrook, CT 06409

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Daniels Energy: CT License S1-385517 HOD#19 / Daniels Propane. LLC: CT License S1-302857 HOD #846

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