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About Cromwell


The rose is an iconic symbol for Cromwell because of its international fame as a rose growing center.

Originally a 1650 rural farming community known as Middletown Upper Houses, Cromwell was incorporated in 1851. How it came to be called Cromwell is still in question. One possibility is that the name was inspired by a ship built in Essex by Uriah Hayden, which was named after Oliver Cromwell. Many revolutionary-era New Englanders related their fight with King George III to Oliver Cromwell’s fight with King Charles I in the 1600’s and hoped that their efforts would have similar results.

The 18th Century saw a thriving river port, followed by brownstone quarrying and several factories including the J & E Stevens Company, noted for mechanical iron banks and toys. The A. N. Pierson, Inc. greenhouses rank among the world’s largest and as a rose grower Cromwell was given the title “Rose Town”.

The Town comprises 13.5 square miles in the approximate geographical center of the State. It is 14 miles south of Hartford and 28 miles northeast of New Haven. The Connecticut River forms the eastern boundary of the Town.

Daniels Coal Truck - 1920's

The Daniels family began delivering coal in the 1920’s.

The Daniels Family began delivering coal to the area in 1926. As the region grew and home energy demands changed, Daniels changed with the times. Like our grandparents, we live and work in this vibrant developing area that combines the charm of a settled New England lifestyle and a rich cultural history. As Daniels Energy, we are the area’s home comfort source for oil and propane power fuels, as well as heating and air conditioning services for all fuel types including natural gas.

From sales and installations, to seasonal servicing and repairs, we can meet all of your home comfort needs with affordable fuel delivery plans and great customer service. Heating service and air conditioning, from sales to maintenance, are all a part of our dependable, ethical and responsive customer service.


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